Ways in approaches to reading and writing about literature

We also know that they cannot create literate students alone and that they must collaborate with their content area colleagues to be successful. A similar revolution in taste was taking place all over Europe and also in China where the narrow pursuit of formula had almost destroyed poetry.

From the time of Classical Greece until the present day, however, Western criticism has been dominated by two opposing theories of the literary art, which might conveniently be called the expressive and constructive theories of composition.

Read and evaluate the sources and to determine their suitability to the understanding of topic at hand see the Evaluating sources section.

The female phase lacked the anger and combative consciousness of the feminist phase. Lyric poetry as opposed to epic poetry was often the speciality of courts and aristocratic circles, particularly in East Asia where songs were collected by the Chinese aristocracy as poems, the most notable being the Shijing or Book of Songs.

20 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (As a Beginner)

Genres related to the essay may include the memoir and the epistle. Define your subject and the scope of the review. It deals with the patterning of sound in time; the number, length, accentand pitch of syllables; and the modifications of rhythm by vowels and consonants.

Encouraging Independent Reading in Summertime -- or Any Time No matter what their ages, children benefit from independent reading. Egyptian scribes, Japanese bureaucratsand junior executives in New York City live and respond to life in the same ways; the lives of farmers or miners or hunters vary only within narrow limits.

As the students become familiar with the text, they gradually take more responsibility for reading it themselves. Only a generation later, however, their ideas were somewhat at a discount. The Greeks thought of history as one of the seven arts, inspired by a goddess, the muse Clio.

He looked first and foremost to the national characteristics of western European literatures, and he found the source of these characteristics in the climate and soil of each respective nation. Even the most avant-garde writers associated with the Cubist or nonobjective painters used language, and language is meaningthough the meaning may be incomprehensible.

Ancient Chinese literature had a heavy emphasis on historiography, with often very detailed court records. These works are said to have been inspired by several Moorish delegations from Morocco to Elizabethan England at the beginning of the 17th century.

As students become more fluent, more time will be spent in discussion and comparatively less in reading. Other Arabian Nights tales deal with lost ancient technologies, advanced ancient civilizations that went astray, and catastrophes which overwhelmed them.

There should be only one plot line, which might be relieved by a subplot, usually comic. Men's Treatment of Women In this early stage of feminist criticism, critics consider male novelists' demeaning treatment or marginalisation of female characters.

Guided Reading & Other Reading Approaches

Such activities may include: Components of the literature review The literature review should include the following: In addition, we explore the various types of texts that students can and should be reading, and the ways in which teachers can organize their instruction.

Ready access to a wide range of interesting materials that they can read by themselves is also important because it enables the students to choose to read independently whenever an opportunity arises. The students can take turns to lead the group in reading, using a pointer.

Some examples of this biographical literature were written with posterity in mind, others with no thought of their being read by anyone but the writer. Vocabulary Selection Words are selected for their phonic regularity and according to the phonics rules they illustrate. Story Content Stories are related by a central group of characters involved in typical childhood experiences.

Eliot suggested that while: Purpose of the literature review The purpose of the literature review is to provide a critical written account of the current state of research on a selected topic: Shared reading can also incorporate handmade texts, poems, songs, pieces from magazines, and articles from newspapers — perhaps enlarged for use on the overhead projector.

However, often the reading is sufficient in itself, and the best follow-up activity is simply lots more reading.In Chapter 2 we explore the role that teachers of the content areas (including science, music, math, art, social studies, and physical education) play in adolescent literacy.

What is a literature review The literature review is a written overview of major writings and other sources on a selected topic. Sources covered in the review may include scholarly journal articles, books, government reports, Web sites, etc.

American Litearture AP English Literature Close Reading Fractured Fairy Tales High School English Reading Short Story The Simpsons. Day one handout. Speed Dating Prompts. speed-dating-directions.

Day two handout 1. Day two handout 2 The above material is from October Ways In: Approaches To Reading and Writing about Literature and Film 2nd Edition by Gilbert H. Muller (Author)/5(5). What makes an effective piece of writing?

Good writers plan and revise, rearrange and delete text, re-reading and producing multiple drafts before they produce their finished document.

Introducing students to reading and writing about fiction, poetry, drama, and film, this book surveys various approaches to these genres.

It also illustrates the importance of understanding works in the context of time and culture.

Ways in approaches to reading and writing about literature
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