The life and times of oscar romero

Romero was the enemy of cover-up and spin.

Óscar Romero

This is what enables us to resolve the apparent paradoxes of joining mercy to justice, love to truth, ideals to reality. Romero valued consultation over top-down, closed-door decision making because he saw how it led to better pastoral solutions.

Opposition political leaders and unionists were hunted down and murdered. Each night, mutilated bodies were being dumped along the streets. Romero was struck in the heart, and the vehicle sped off.

Today Romero stands tall as a truly credible witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ for these sceptical times. The closeness to the poor, the tender love of the vulnerable and destitute, the courage and resolution, the insults hurled, the pharisaic plotting against him, the doubts and the fears, the death threats and the public execution.

By Pat Marrin The beatification of martyred Archbishop Oscar Romero on May 23,acknowledges what has been celebrated throughout Latin America since his assassination at the altar on March 24,in El Salvador. This set up the context in which complex geopolitical and economic forces collided in Latin America with tragic consequences.

For Romero, the Incarnation meant that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus are a present reality, the engine of history, active in each generation of the church. The Funeral Mass on 30 March in San Salvador was attended by more thanmourners from all over the world.

International recognition[ edit ] During his first visit to El Salvador inPope John Paul II entered the cathedral in San Salvador and prayed at Romero's tomb, despite opposition from the government and from some within the Church who strongly opposed Liberation Theology.

Compiled and translated by James R. There were national shock waves.

Óscar Romero

The article cites another source in the Salvadoran military as saying, "they knew far too much to live. And he assented; he made a fundamental option for the poor and it took him to his martyrdom.

Salvadoran soldiers trained and advised by the U. Romero valued consultation over top-down, closed-door decision making because he saw how it led to better pastoral solutions. School of the Americas. We should get inside as if our own mother and sister were burning.

Archbishop Oscar Romero

Even in the most violent times, he reassured them that they were never alone, because God was accompanying them in their pilgrimage through history. The victims included women, some of whom were raped first; their children; and unarmed men.

His meticulous records show how engaged he was with his local church. Full, active participation by all in discerning and owning pastoral policy is what forms us as church. Can we question economic systems we benefit from that are built on the backs of the global poor? It is not my poor words that sow hope and faith.

El Salvador came under this template in the s. By word and example, the life the church is being proclaimed as the life, death and resurrection of Jesus unfolding within the liturgical year and within history. Contact Pat at patrickjmarrin gmail.

You would perceive that he was listening. Blessed Romero gave his life as a good shepherd for his flock in a time of persecution.The following are five surprising aspects of his life and legacy, which together represent the Oscar Romero you probably don’t know.

1. Romero wasn’t a liberation theologian. Oct 14,  · “Romero wasn’t communist; he wasn’t a man of the guerrilla; he was a pastor,” said Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life.

Oscar Romero, Saint for Our Times

With renewed interest in Oscar Romero, the late, beloved archbishop of San Salvador with Pope Francis' reclamation of him from "the ash heap of history," many readers are desperate to learn about the life and times of the slain leader.

A Step Along the Way: Archbishop Romero’s Prayer It helps, now and then, to step back and take a long view. The kingdom is not only beyond our efforts, it. Oscar Romero may have been a good man and a leader of the Church but his death was more focused on politics than on his role in the Church.” So this was a Catholic religion textbook for a.

Romero’s ecclesiastical career before he became Archbishop was that of a shy, traditional priest, averse to politics and most comfortable inside the walls of his temple.

The life and times of oscar romero
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