Kashmir conflict india and pakistan

Kashmir conflict

This was an unsuccessful attempt. In a resolution dated August 13,the UN asked Pakistan to remove its troops, after which India was also to withdraw the bulk of its forces.

Could India and Pakistan go to war?

A patrol was ambushed in the first week of May By the terms agreed to by India and Pakistan for the partition of the Indian subcontinent, the rulers of princely states were given the right to opt for either Pakistan or India or—with certain reservations—to remain independent.

From there, the rebels attempted to acquire arms and ammunition for the rebellion and smuggle them into Kashmir. A succession of Hindu dynasties ruled Kashmir untilwhen it came under Muslim rule.

India ordered the jets not to stray into Pakistani territory; but those that did were shot down. Kashyapamar Kashmir, region of the northwestern Indian subcontinent.

Kashmiri view It is difficult to assess Kashmiri public opinion, and the region contains supporters of various different solutions to the conflict. On October 26, the intruders massacred about 11, of 14, residents of Baramullah and destroyed the Mohra power station that supplied electricity to Srinagar.

For scholar Wayne Wilcox, Pakistan was able to find external support to counter "Hindu superiority", returning to the group security position of the early 20th century. Hostilities finally ended when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan gave his assurance that the infiltrators would retreat.

How did the trouble start? In recent years their membership and influence has diminished. Similar allegations were also made by some human rights organisations. The Maharaja himself was implicated in some instances. Pakistan agreed but Nehru said he would not allow a third person to decide the fate of four million people.

Dixon did not view the state of Jammu and Kashmir as one homogeneous unit and therefore proposed that a plebiscite be limited to the Valley. Noorani blames many Indian and Pakistani leaders for the misery of Kashmiri people but says that Nehru was the main culprit.

Pakistan ignored the UN mandate and continued fighting, holding on to the portion of Kashmir under its control. This remained the case following the communist takeover in China inalthough the new government did ask India—without success—to open negotiations regarding the border.

The vale, situated at an elevation of about 5, feet 1, metresconstitutes the basin of the upper Jhelum River and contains the city of Srinagar. By September, order was reestablished. The ceasefire was intended to be temporary but the Line of Control remains the de facto border between the two countries.Sep 24,  · The Kashmir dispute dates from The partition of the Indian sub-continent along religious lines led to the formation of India and Pakistan.

However, there remained the problem of. Kashmir, officially referred to as Jammu and Kashmir, is an 86,square-mile region (about the size of Idaho) in northwest India and northeast Pakistan so breathtaking in physical beauty that Mugal (or Moghul) emperors in the 16th and 17th century considered it an earthly paradise.

The region. Watch video · Kashmir is on fire again, after militants killed 18 Indian soldiers in an early morning raid on Sept.

India and Pakistan's Kashmir dispute: What you need to know

These five facts explain why the conflict over this long-disputed region between India and. When does the conflict date back to?

A brief history of the Kashmir conflict

Even before India and Pakistan gained independence from Britain in AugustKashmir was a source of contention. – India and Pakistan went to war for a third time, but it was the first time the conflict did not involve Kashmir.

In that instance, a civil war between the West Pakistan army and East Pakistanis demanding independence sparked conflict. Under the partition plan provided by the Indian Independence Act, Kashmir was free to accede to India or Pakistan.

The maharaja (local ruler), Hari Singh, chose India and a two-year war erupted in.

Kashmir conflict india and pakistan
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